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Transformational Literacy Book Club

Below you will find videos to support your learning during our Transformational Literacy book club, organized by prompt and date. 

Prompt #5: closes 11/14.

View this video on Adapting Curriculum to Learners' Needs. 

Adapting Curriculum to Learners' Needs from Expeditionary Learning on Vimeo.

Click on the links below to see additional videos, all related to supporting students with close reading.

Reading Closely with Middle School Students

Grappling with Complex Informational Text

Strategy: Interactive Word Wall

Strategy: Science Talk

Strategy: Quiz, Quiz, Trade

Strategy: Exit Tickets

Teaching Academic and Scientific Vocabulary

Engaging Vocabulary Instruction in a Middle School Classroom

Prompt #4: closes 10/31.

Click here for video of 2nd graders grappling with fiction through close reading. 

Prompt #3: closes 10/24.

Click here for video of the role of descriptive feedback for improving students' writing. 

Click here for video of students engaging in a peer critique protocol called Praise, Question, Suggest.

Prompt #2: closes 10/17.

Click here for video of 10th grade students citing evidence from complex text.

Prompt #1: closes 10/10.

Click here for video of a jigsaw protocol used with Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Leaders of Their Own Learning Book Club

The following videos relate to the Leaders of Their Own Learning book club. 

Closing Event, May 15, 2014

Opening Circle, April 9, 2014

Click on the links below to find relevant video collections:

Student-Led Conferences (for the week of May 5)

Models, Critique, and Descriptive Feedback (for the week of April 28) 

Using Data with Students (for the week of April 21)

Learning Targets (for the week of April 14)